Our Philosophy - Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine
Experience the exciting flavors of Brazilian and Continental cuisine at Brazilian Bossa Nova Cuisine. From pasta and homemade artisan pizzas to our famous grilled dishes, we've got something for everyone!
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Our Philosophy

Bossa Nova Logo

          At Bossa Nova, we have a true drive to deliver the best of Brazilian and Continental culinary experience and service we can possibly offer. It has been like this since we first started in West Hollywood in 1993, and continues to this date. The years have passed but our passion for what we do is still intact.

          All ingredients we use in our kitchens are specifically chosen to each dish personally by Francisco and myself with the help of our chefs. And great ingredientes deserve even better preparation! We have a team of preparation cooks that start their daily work many hours before we open our doors to the public. And that is all they do. Prep great ingredients so it can be part of all Bossa Nova great dishes.

          The big majority of our chefs and sous-chefs started as a dishwasher and worked their way to the top. And most of them have been with Bossa Nova for more than 10 years.

         We make real food, we love to serve and we love what we do; always respectful and pushing one another to do our best for our true bosses: you, the patron!


Aurelio Martins.

Each dish – an artwork

Mushroom appetizer with toasted bread

Mushroom Appetizer

four cheese pasta with parmesan cheese

Alfredo Pasta

bolinho de bacalhau, cod fish croquette

Bolinho de Bacalhau

Aficionados say…