Dear patrons, in order to better serve you and keep our restaurant safe and fair for you and our staff, we will add 21% service charge for all parties of six people or more all day and to all parties after 11 PM.


About the dishes, a message from the chef,

“I know many of you have noticed that the presentation of my original dishes may not come out looking the same way as the photos shown on Bossa Nova’s website. Yes, they are served on simpler dishes, but the ingredients and food preparation are no different. As a chef, I consider myself an artist; the photos are my chance to express my passions in ways I cannot express in words. My intention is not to mislead, but to better expose the artistic-ness of my work. Like anything, we must have an understanding of the content presented, and as a customer, I would be happy to know this information too. This to me is nothing more than a way to show the public the power of expression that, through detail and decoration, we can transform a version of something we already love, into something that glows before our very eyes.  Thank you for your continued support of Bossa Nova.”

-Francisco Freire