Menu - Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine
Experience the exciting flavors of Brazilian and Continental cuisine at Brazilian Bossa Nova Cuisine. From pasta and homemade artisan pizzas to our famous grilled dishes, we've got something for everyone!
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Bossa Nova Menu

Image Transcript

pasta plates come with Dinner Salad and Garlic Bread.
Grilled plates come with foccacia, salad (Dinner or Caesar), yucca flour,
salsa plus 2 sides of your choice:
Black Beans. Rice. Power Grains. Mashed Potatoes. Fried Plantains . Roasted Vegetables. French Fries. Sweet Potato Fries
Add our famous Cheese Bread

Bolognesa Pasta

Rosado Posto with chicken

Alfredo Posta with chicken

Grilled Veggie Plate (Sauteed or Charbroiled}
Grilled Pulled Pork Plate

Grilled Chicken Plate (Traditional, on Fire or Lemon & Garlic)
Grilled Chicken Skewer Plate
Chicken or Beef Lasagna
Al Pesto Pasta with chicken
Grilled Shrimp Plate
Grilled Seabass Plate
Chicken Parmegiona”
with rice, mashed potato, dinner salad and garlic braad
Chicken or Beef Stroganoff*
with rice, mashed potato or french fries, dinner salad and garlic bread
* Sides olrendy included

Grilled Salmon Plate (Charbroiled or Cajun)
Grilled Beef Skewer Plate

Grilled Pub Steak Plate

Grilled Coulote Steak (Picanha) Plate

Grilled Skirt Steak Plate